Exclusive Salon Products Website

E commerce website built on WordPress with significant limitations on customers and stock.

Project Overview

I worked with the owner at Exclusive Salon Products to first update their branding, then we followed that up with a website re-build and added e-commerce functionality. Additional information on the [branding update]. Exclusive Salon Products is a regional company that focuses on lively and friendly customer service while providing salons with the best product available. I really wanted to reflect their colorful personality in the website, and their branding colors offered the perfect opportunity to do that. The majority of the pallet is built around bright accent colors, with plenty of white and a 80% grey as accents. We were concerned some of the colors were over the top, so we followed the design up by testing it against a more muted design. We saw a 5% increase in interaction from customers who received the full color design, so after 2 months of testing we fully migrated to the full color site! We are continuing to do testing on headlines, some body copy, and menu phrasing.

Technical Challenges

This website came with a variety of technical challenges ranging from the normal load times with large images to strict limits on who customers are and what they can access.

Major Challenges

  • Customers registration is limited to people who live in the Pacific Northwest and have a cosmetology license.
  • Once registered customers had access to different product groupings based on account standing with Exclusive.
  • Some customers have re-seller’s permits on file, those customers don’t pay tax on a subset of items.

After fully exploring all of these issues I build an overlapping grouping system to address almost all of them. Given the full set of parameters involved in figuring out who is allowed to buy the store we were unable to automate the registration process. We resolved this by having the office manager review registration requests first and last thing everyday. Accounts that need activated are normally activated within one day. When the accounts are activated they are tagged to allow access to the correct products, and to set the correct tax rate on products relevant to the re-seller permit. The grouping system allowed us to apply multiple sets of tags to customers and products to set visibility per product grouping and per customer.

Technical Specs

Built on WordPress with Divi and Woocommerce multiple customizations made to both CSS and PHP.